Lamborghini Estremo Black Lighter


Take it to the extreme with this fast and furious black lighter designed from the famous Tonino Lamborghini! This radiant lighter will light your day with its black lacquer surface combined with two red garnet stones and polished stainless steel. This lustrous lighter is not only beautiful, but simple to use thanks to its automatic features. Push the black ridged textured button with a rubberized overlay up to light up the flame. The torch flame lighter also is a good indicator of the levels of liquids left in the lighter once you check the back which contains a brushed stainless steel finish. This designer lighter comes in a designer case to match. The gift box is made out of black and red leather. Open the box and discover black velvet lining and an imprinted emblem of the famous Lamborghini logo. Impeccably built and designed, come and see what top quality and elegance really is with this amazing lighter!

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